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Federalist on the Constitution

The Federalist

Federalist on the Constitution

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The Federalist is a compilation of eight articles and 85 essays known as The Federalist Papers, which collectively advocated ratification of the U.S. Constitution. The works here outlined the philosophy and motivation for our modern-day system of government, including suggestions to shape future interpretations of the Constitution.

Remnant Trust Description

Volume II uncut in original boards. This is the most famous and influential American political work. When Hamilton invited his fellow New Yorker Jay and Madison, from Virginia, to join The Federalist, it was to meet the immediate need of convincing the reluctant New York State electorate of the necessity of ratifying the newly proposed Constitution of the United States. The eighty-five essays, under the pseudonym “Publius”, were designed as political propaganda, not as a treatise of political philosophy. In spite of this, The Federalist survives as one of the new nation’s government. The Federalist exerted a powerful influence in procuring the adoption of the Federalist Constitution, not only in New York but also in the other states. There is probably no work in so small a compass that contains so much valuable political information. The true principles of a republican form of government are here unfolded with great clearness and simplicity.