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The Dark Side of Humanity

Nineteen Eighty-Four

Nineteen Eight-four

Nineteen Eight-four

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This work is Orwell’s classic parable of dictatorial socialism. The novel has become famous for its portrayal of surveillance and society’s increasing encroachment on the rights of the individual. Since its publication, the terms Big Brother and Orwellian have entered the popular vernacular.

Remnant Trust Description

First edition proof copy (pre-published). Advance reading copy of the first edition of Orwell’s classic parable of dictatorial socialism. A biting commentary that is accessible to nearly all ages. Orwell has presented a pointed look at political systems and at the same time allowed for insight into the human dilemma of existence. We are given a way to overcome the problem through our acceptance of them and then continuing on. And we are finally given the ultimate problem solving tool, our own awareness. It may be quite trite to end with two maxims, the work can be stated with the following phrases: The virtue lies in the struggle not the prize. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.