CPET-364D-01 Networking Security and CS-445-01 Computer Security

Course Description

In the book Nineteen Eight-Four, some of the main questions raised by George Orwell pertain to government control. How far are you willing to go to be safe? Is ignorance strength? If you had a choice between privacy and security which would you choose? The book, written in 1948, was based on a possible prediction of what life might be in 1984. Some of these questions addressed in Nineteen Eighty-Four are still addressed today in modern computer and network security. How much are you willing to spend and control for a computer system’s security? Can the philosophy of ignoring security risks play to a possible strength? What are you willing to sacrifice to be secure: rights, money, time? Do government agencies or better yet system administrators serve as a “Big Brother” to our electronic data? The Remnant Trust documents will allow us to address these questions in a pedagogically different way than before. The students taking each security course will be asked to read Crypto by Steven Levy and Nineteen Eight-Four by George Orwell. As specific sections of both books are covered, discussions will entail how they relate to one another. It will address those questions raised by Orwell and the association to the growth of security standards posed by Levy. Ultimately this will culminate in the students’ realization of how a security administrator or designer can have profound effects on the underlying security systems and their users.