ECE/ME 388 (all sections) Electronics and System Engineering through Robotics Laboratory

Project Description

Leonardo da Vinci (late 1400s), Mary Shelly (early 1800s), James Cameron (late 20th century), and many others have dreamed about building automata using the most advanced science and technology that they had or could imagine during their own times. The burning desire to create a being that resembles a human has never faded. The rapid advances in science and technology has made the building of intelligent humanoid machines more and more feasible. Thus it is not by coincidence that robotics is one of the “hottest” areas of technology in the 21st Century. The Remnant Trust exhibition at IPFW presents a unique opportunity for engineering students to become closely acquainted with Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. Students will research how the building of automata evolves throughout the history as well as the place of Frankenstein in this evolution process. Each student will be required to write a paper and to give an oral presentation. This project will challenge engineering students to analyze, using robotics as a topic, how the society as a whole can be terrified by the rapid advances of technology.