HIST A313-01 United States History: 1865-1919

Course Description

Students in this class will have the unique opportunity to handle and perform research with the Remnant Trust documents that, under normal circumstances, would be found in limited access archives. History students will learn the basics of how to perform archival research using the tools of the trade, including gloves, “worms” to hold pages in place, and props to support aged spines. Students will also learn the etiquette of archival research, such as leaving ink pens at the door, being quiet, and taking notes on loose-sheet paper (or, alternatively, laptop computers). By performing background research on a specific document students will become minor experts on a Remnant Trust document of their choosing and reflect upon a historical meaning of American citizenship. Students will develop an understanding of the documents’ place in history and, hopefully, help generate a sense of gravitas appropriate to handling important relics from the past.