IET 105-01 Industrial Management

Course Description

This course will use the two Remnant Trust volumes of Adam Smith’s book, The Wealth of the Nations, in IET 105 Industrial Management, which is a General Education Area III course. In view of the rare opportunity available to the IPFW faculty and students in using these invaluable texts, students will be asked to write two 2-page reports, the first one on selected chapters of Adam Smith’s book, The Wealth of the Nations. Their first written report will be assessed with feedback given to write a better first report itself, which may involve reading the book again. The second version of their first report will be consolidated into one electronic handout and distributed to everyone in the class. Their second report will be on the diversity seen in the methods of production then and now, highlighting the similarities and differences in the two historically different time periods. Questions on Adam Smith’s work will be asked in the three exams.