OLS 324 Advanced Word Processing, Desktop Publishing, and Presentation Graphics

Course Description

Engaging, media-rich, on demand presentations can bring history alive! By using an eLearning software authoring tool, the content and history of The Remnant Trust documents will instantly become more interactive and appealing to a 21st century audience. The purpose of this project is to provide Organizational Leadership and Supervision (OLS) students with the opportunity to use their leadership and technology skills to create multimedia packages based on The Remnant Trust documents. The first goal of the project is to have each student research and then write a paper based on information about the quintessence of the document. As future leaders and change agents, their reports will conclude with how the subject matter fits into the student’s understanding of individual liberty and human dignity and how this information has influenced their thoughts on leadership. The second goal is to have each student develop a very specific research poster summarizing their written report. The final and ultimate goal is to have each student develop an engaging multimedia presentation based on their report that includes text, audio, and graphics. The result of this project will be multimedia packages that illustrate and expound on the substance of these historical documents.