Introduction to The Remnant Trust at IPFW: The Architecture of Democracy—Roots of Contrasting Social and Political Ideas (Free)

Course Description

This course will introduce you to The Remnant Trust documents that will be exhibited at IPFW in spring 2009. The presentation shows how the ideas in these 51 documents form the fundamental principles that undergird the American democratic experiment. Discussion will be organized around four contrasting political perspectives and how the ideas in The Remnant Trust documents provide a foundation for these political ideas. Those attending this course will get a private advance viewing of The Remnant Trust documents (date to be determined). Upon request, teachers may earn 3 CRUs.

About the Instructors

Patrick J. Ashton, Ph.D., is the director of IPFW’s Peace and Conflict Studies program and a founding member of the IPFW American Democracy Project. Matthew Kubik is an Associate Professor Interior Design and a past director of The Honors Program. He is a founding member of the IPFW Remnant Trust Exhibition Committee.

Course Materials

For more information or to register, please call 260-481-6619 or visit the course Web page.